Friday, October 28, 2011

Technical Dificulties

So I just found out that all the posts I've been writing and "publishing" from the blogger app are for some reason not coming up. I will try to re-post those but I'm just moving forward from now on...
What I am up to:
Halloween is in full swing here and Ill post pics soon.
I am taking a time management class roughy by Karen Grunberg at BPC
I have been spending some quality time on Pinterest, go check out my boards, there are so many projects I want ti make and I'm loving all the quotes I've been finding.
Busy with work and kids school...
Biggest project, I am moving my office/craft area to the Garage and leaving my current room for other use so I'll post new pics and process during the move, I hope to be done before Thanksgiving BUT I'm not holding my breath.


Bucket List

This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health. Want to enter? Head over to to get the details. 

Share your list and you have a shot of winning a trip of a lifetime.  The grand prizes are:

A family vacation of a lifetime  a Universal Orlando® Resort
A Las Olas Surf Camp Safari
Ski Lessons and stay at Park City Mountain Resort
There’s a lot I want to do in this world . . . I had to create a list of 15 . . . which meant I had to narrow down endless list of random things I’d like to do/see/try. Here's my list in random order.

1. Bunjii Jump
2. Sky dive
3. Go to Grece
4. See the pyramids
5. See the Louvre 
6. See Jerusalem
7. See the Red Square
6. Be on times square New Years Eve.
8. Own a Beach House in California
9. Buy a home for each of my children
10. Attend the Winter Olympics
11. Skate over a frozen lake
12. Walk the Great Wall
13. Tour El Prado
14. See the grand canyon
15. Go on an Archeological dig


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine days ahead

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.
It's gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day.
It's gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshine day."

After a few weeks of cold and rain I am thrilled to a few days of 90 degree weather. This was taken in Santa Barbara on my birthday Monday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tracking Stories OneNote PC

If you have windows 7 AND office 2010, you have OneNote installed on your computer go to your programs menu, Microsoft Office, OneNote
If you know for sure you have Office2010 BUT OneNote is not in the menu, that means the "feature is turned off", to get it working, you can go to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and features, scroll down to Microsoft Office, select it DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK, JUST CLICK ONCE!*, then click Change (right above where the program list starts) select add or remove features, find one note, make sure is turned on and click finish**.
Once One Note is open, you will see this screen:

Select Synched to the Web, continue, then, the Sign In Screen wil come up:

Click sign in, make sure to put in your Live ID information, if you decided to start from OneNote for PC, and you do not have your ID, click Sign up for Windows Live SkyDrive.
Once you are signed in, the Personal (Web) notebook will be created (remember you can not delete this notebook, the system needs it) Also, when you sign in, make sure to check the remember information box, if not you will have to manually Sync your notebooks.

This screen will come up. This is the Main OneNote Screen.
Usually the setup is this: the left gray bar shows your notebooks, the gray bar on top, right under the menu shows the sections on the current Notebook. The Purple Bar (which I placed on the left but when you first open your screen is on the right) has the pages on each notebook. I'm a lefty so I like everything to the left,if you also want this bar to the left, click on the file menu, options, display and check the box "page tabs appear on the left"
The next step is to create your Journal Notebook, just right click on the gray section immediately below the personal notebook, and select New Notebook
Select Location as Web, give it a Name and choose your sharing options
Once your New Notebook is ready, you can add sections to it by clicking on the New Section Tab:

Name your section then go to a new page and start typing, the Page name will be given once you place your title.

That's it, your notebooks will automatically sync online and you will have access to it anywhere you go.
If you started your OneNote system from the Online App, and you need to transfer your notebooks to your PC, here's what you do:
Log In to your Windows Live select Office from the top menu, your document list will show up. Click Open in OneNote from the links right next to the tile of your notebook or page.

OneNote wil open and your notebook will appear on the Notebook list, it is now permanently synched to both computer and skydrive unless you disconect it.

I hope you enjoy this and it is useful, if you are having trouble with your setup or have any questions please leave me a comment.

Here's the boring disclaimer stuff:
*Computers might be set-up diferently, this is how my setup works, use at your own risk.
**More help on turn features on and off here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tracking Stories -OneNote (Iphone)

This is the third part of the tracking stories series. What sold me on OneNote, vs Evernote or other note taking programs was the flexibility across platforms, desktop, web and phone, specially phone as this is where I do most of my notetaking. There's an official Iphone App for the Iphone, for what I was able to find in the MS forums and their Facebook page, it also works with the Ipad with no problems (however, this last one is at your own risk as officially it is only for I-phone).
In order for the organization part of the notes to work, you need to first make your online structure as outlined in the Online Version or the Desktop Versions (upcoming). As with the previous tutorials, I opted for a fresh instal to show you a step by step tutorial. Now that we are done with the disclaimers, here are your instructions:
On your app store search type OneNote, many results will come up, make sure you select the Microsoft OneNote (should be the only one showing the official logo -see login picture below0) -at the time this post is written, the app is free, this might change in the future-. Select install which should be located in the top right hand corner of the screen.
Once installed, look for your new app on your menu and tap on it to open, the screen below should come up. Fill in the information used to create your online account.
Now you should see your different notebooks:
Tap on your Journal notebook (or whatever name you decided on)

Once inside the notebook click on the + sign to the right of the screen, this will open up a new note inside this section. For example, I opened my Journal, went to Nathan, then click the + sign inside Nathan.
This opened up the following screen, I tapped on the title section, then on the content section. Here I can add a bulleted list, checkboxes and photos. ENLARGE picture below by clicking on it to see what each button does.
After I am done typing, I tap on the keyboard icon to exit edit mode.Now I have a new note on this section. I always make sure to tap on the back arrow (top left) to go back to the section or Notebook I want onenote to open on every time I open it.
Sometimes, however, I don't have time to navigate to where I want my note to go so from anywhere inside the app, I can tap on the QuickNote button located at the bottom of the screen second from the left and I can just write what I need. This note will be synched with a Notebook called Personal (Web) that OneNote automatically creates* in both your Web and phone to synch such notes, then when you log in to the Web Application you can transfer that note to right place.
As an FYI I use this so much I changed the dock buttons of my Iphone to include OneNote instead of the Ipod, I just don't have the time to thumb trough the menus and having it accidentaly moved or something, I want it close by.
Other Phones, OneNote comes installed (or its availble) for Windows7 phones, as I understand it, you just take the notes and it synchs them, If I get my hands on one I will post full set of instructions too. For android, you can access the web app trough browser directly, there's no announcement of Microsoft working on an app for it, but there's a bunch of third party apps that say they can synch with it. Last, I have not found any info on a Blackberry option either, however, you can access the online version, again no news on if this will ever have an official BB app.

As always please let me know if you have any questions I will try to answer them as fully as I can.
*You CAN NOT erase this notebook, either from the phone nor from the web, as it is needed for this kinds of notes. I beleive the system will not allow you to but just in case don't try.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tracking Stories - OneNote (online version)

This tutorial shows you how to use onenote online (via skydrive) for those with a Mac since OneNote is not available for Mac -yet-. There will be also a PC tutorial and an Iphone tutorial later.
I started with the online version because I brought the Mac with me to carpool today, and the online version has almost as many features (at least for story tacking, journaling) as the full blown PC version. They all sync together and with your smart phone too so the information is always at your finger tips. Another note before we dive in, I wanted to show how to set up from scratch so I set up a new account and walk you trough the whole set-up process.
First off, if you do not have a windows live Id you need to create one here. Click on sign up, and follow the prompts if you have one, log in. 
Once in, you will arrive to this screen. Click on the purple icon with the letter N on it to the right of the screen, this is the OneNote icon.
This will open the create a new notebook window. Select a name for your notebook (mine is called Journal) and select your sharing option (I have it setup to just me, but if for example Grandma is a caretaker for you, you might want to share it with her so she can add the stories as you are off to work), the click Save.
Next you will go into the Insert tab and select new section. This are like the divided sections on a notebook or the tabs on a binder, mine are titled by person names. Click OK. You can make as many sections as you need. I personally have one for each family member, the dog, people, places, things we do.

By now you should have a Notebook with your dividers in place so you are ready to start your first page. Click on the New Page button, set your title, it will automatically come up on the left side bar as your page title, then fill as much notes as you want.

The way I use it, is I add a new page for each story, it makes it easy for me and allows me to add and edit the journaling as much as I need to. Remember you can add pictures, there's a check mark option, etc. with it so don't be afraid to play around.

On a completely unrelated topic, I am getting really close to my 100 post and I plan to celebrate with a giveaway! So come back often to check

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tracking Stories (Outlook)

Over at the BPS LOM yahoo group we've been having a discussion on tracking our stories, some questions came up so I am doing a tutorial of my previous system in Outlook. I now use Onenote and will make a tutorial on it later on.
For about 2 years I've had a Tasks folder in outlook for scrapbooking, that is where I placed all my stories, it keeps it on a check list format, sorted by date AND you can categorize it.
Here's how to set it up:n Folder
In Outlook, go to File, then New, then Folder. This screen will come up:
Fill in the name, select Task Items from the drop down menu, select Tasks for the place of the folder, now your new tasks folder is ready.
Next you need to set up color categories:
On the top menu you need to look for the button that looks like 4 squares in red, yellow, green and blue. (See picture above). Once you click a whole list, click on All Categories
Now you can choose to rename a color category or make new ones, the photo above shows mine. Then click ok.
Once this setup is done, you can add in your tasks.
I use the task title for the story and if I have extra stuff like a picture in mind I add it in the notes section of the task.
If you are interested, this is the To-do list view.
PS: I recreated this screen since I already moved everything into One-Note so the list is much shorter.