Thursday, June 4, 2009

Covering Paper Mache Letters in Fabric

I started this project, that now I called the "Longest A" when my little one was born, now almost 3 years later (and now that he shares a room) I am finally finishing it... for the playroom (more on that truly overboard project to come).

This is the letter A, covered in the same fabric as the nursery bedding.

At first this seemed so simple and easy, you glue the fabric to the letter, It really woud have been easier to either paint the A on the wall or made the shape in fabric and stuff it with batting, but I really like the style of a clean type and did not wante to rouin the color on the wall which can not be matched since it is a layered effect. So I dove right in, painted the A in white, spraying the glue and placing the fabric, then this is where I got stumped:

The Corner, as you can se the A has an intricate corner, so after several hours, of tring to pleat, and fold and Wrap, I gave up, I took the A out several times after with no luck until just lask week,

Heres the Tutorial:

Cut two strips of fabric wide enough to ver the sides of the letter (this would be the depth of the letter). Using white (not spray) glue, cover the sides of the letter, if it helps, use a thumb tack to hold the fabric in place at your starting point. You need to do this in all sides inside and outside of the letter except front and back.
Once the paint has dried, place glue on the front of the letter and cover with the larger piece of fabric, wait until it is dry. MAKE SURTE TO ONLY GLUE IT ON THE FRONT FACE.

On the outward angle corners (Like the top of the A, se first picture), make fold like wrapping a present, on the Inside Looking corners, you need to make a slit to be able to fold the fabric properly once you make the slit, fold the fabric inwards and join it. As you can see, the layer of fabric from the first step is covering the gap.

After all of your corners are done, you can tackle the cut out sections (A,B,D,O,P,Q,R etc) have cutouts) For this, you wil make slits from the center of the void section to the corners , for the rounded parts, make slits every 1", tuck the raw edges in apply glue directly to the back side of the fabric and fold under towards the back side of your letter, again, the fabric you placed on the first step will help cover the gaps.
If you like for variety, You can add ribbon to the inside perimeter s of your letter , like I did, this added another layer of color and made it stand out some more.

Good luck, I hope that from my mistakes you can all do this in a cleaner and much faster manner.

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